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Our team develops effective content strategies for forward thinking Institutions. We have a proven track record in increasing search engine rankings.

Edelytics is a whole-some digital marketing nutrition provider to Education and Training Institutes suffering from what we call Insufficient Digital Presence Syndrome (IDPS).

We are your digital doctor and we know that IDPS is the prime reason for your Educational Institute to not live up to your expectations in the digital space.

We know you definitely want us in your upcoming growth plans, which takes us to the all-important question “WHY  US?”.

We think you will love us for the following reasons………

We are the first in digital space that specializes in the education domain. An experience of 12 years in Education Marketing and Admissions makes us the best team to understand what you want.

Since we have been in the Education domain for more than a decade now and thus we surely edge pass your  “me too” digital agency headed by a probably  Ivy league graduate or an MIT geek who has run successful campaigns  for Pepsi, LG, Honda etc. through our thorough understanding of your audience as we have worked only for Educational Institutions.

  • We know when and where to find him/her in the digital space.
  • We know what kind of mailers is to be designed and shot, what kind of language to iterate.
  • We know what the other college/ Competitor at your back yard might be telling him/her.
  • We know how would an admission agent working for your competitor is driving away a sure shot enrollment.
  • We know the ideal language your student’s parents want to read about you,
  • We are aware of the timings of the university/board exams pan –India.
  • We can surely preempt when your student will least come on Facebook.
  • In short we understand the pulse of admission based marketing and branding activities that yields walk-ins, web leads and final conversions.

The diagnosis of IDPS comes with a brand new digital image in the minds of your target audience i.e. the student community and its treatment lies in the efficient planning of your Online marketing strategies through the optimum mix of SEO, SEM, Re-marketing, social media marketing, Superior Content marketing, online reputation management etc. 

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The most respected Internet strategy partner . We want to change the way businesses speak, listen and share online.